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Publishing Date: Mar 18, 2024

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Diamond Website Sponsors – HITEMA

Firstly we would like to say a massive thanks to HITEMA who have recently signed up as Diamond Website Sponsors of the DATACENTRE.ME Website!

Thank you for your kind support.

We look forward to working with you and enhancing your standard and customized cooling solutions manufacturing data centre services profile!

HITEMA® INTERNATIONAL S.R.L. is a specialist manufacturer of standard and customized cooling solutions.

The use of Data Centre Chillers is fundamental to data centre operation, because of the considerable heat produced by many servers operating in close proximity to one another. Without the use of several cooling units, temperatures would quickly rise to levels that would corrupt data and damaged hardware.

Furthermore, considering the pandemic emergency due to COVID-19, the importance of Data Centres has increased significantly. They have become a fundamental tool to support man in his work and daily activities

HITEMA with its range of product solutions is able to develop and design Units suitable for this particular application, with attention to the continuity of work of the Chillers, studying solutions to save energy costs in an eco-sustainable way and guaranteeing the efficiency of its Units.

You can view the HITEMA Directory Listing here Directory Listing

In conclusion, welcome to HITEMA as they subscribe as Diamond Sponsors of the DATACENTRE.ME website! If you are interested in learning more about the various benefits and how to become Website Sponsors  visit our Sponsorship Page!  Here you can view and choose which sponsorship level would suit your company!

Please contact us to enquire.

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