Publishing Date: Aug 28, 2020

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The fourth edition of the Data Centre Middle East report has been published and is entitled ‘Moving into the Future – Cloud and Data Centre Growth in the Middle East Region’.

This new report provides a unique survey of the 70 Data Centre Facilities located in the GCC countries Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE that are offered by the just under 30 Data Centre Providers.  The UAE and Saudi Arabia are the leaders in number of data centre facilities followed by Bahrain.

The survey calculates that the region has almost 130,000 m2 of Data Centre raised floor space and over 200 MW of DCCP (Data Centre Customer Power) as of the end of 2020.  New build has been announced and this report provides forecasts for Data Centre raised floor space to grow by 25 per cent over the coming four years.

The report finds that pricing for the third-party Data Centre is broadly unchanged with providers offering competitive rates in order to attract new users.  When compared with other regions in Europe or North America, the Middle East Region Data Centre Pricing remains high, with a relatively narrow range of pricing but with a Middle East price premium however the lack of alternative Data Centre Providers results in high average price levels.

The key change in the region over the last three years has been the growth in cloud services. The introduction of cloud services is set to transform the demand for IT services in the Middle East which can now be supplied on a pay as you go basis without the need for a high initial capital investment. DCP forecasts that public cloud revenues will almost double over the four-year period from the beginning of 2020.

Download the table of contents for this report here.

Report published:                  25th August 2020

Number of Pages:                  79
Number of Charts/Tables:     32

Price:                                   GBP £1,295 for a single user licence

Special offer:  discounts can be obtained when purchasing 2 or more reports at the same time.  Reports available are as follows:

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2.       UK Data Centre Trends Tracker Report January 2020

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10.     Data Centres at a Time of Pandemic – Weathering the Storm Report (PLUS Revised DC Space Forecast 2020)

11.       Data Centre Decade Report

12.       Moving into the Future – Cloud and Data Centres in the Middle East Region Report

For more information or to purchase any of the above-mentioned reports / subscriptions, please contact Caroline Hitchins on / +44 (0) 7544 121900


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