Publishing Date: Feb 18, 2020

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PRESS RELEASE:  Herne, Germany – FlaktGroup has announced the launch of the new air-cooled chillers series FGAC 2020-2081 AG1/2 and FGAC 4061-4121 BG2 with cooling capacities from 53 to 338 kW, and the chillers with heat pump mode FGAH 2020-2081 AG1/2 with heating capacities from 53-223 kW

The focus of the new series, which was introduced to extend the established compact FläktGroup chillers of the FGAC 1015-2050 AD1/2 series with refrigerant R-410A (GWP 2088), is on the new refrigerant R-454B with a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 466. Due to the impact of the F-Gas Directive (EU) 517/2014, which shifts the market towards low CO2-equivalent values, water-operated air-conditioning systems with low refrigerant charges and/or refrigerants with low GWP values are future-proof. A CO2-equivalent of the unit is the refrigerant charge multiplied with the GWP value.

The refrigerant R-454B, which is designed for units with scroll compressors, leads to a reduction of the GWP value of 78 % compared to the conventional refrigerant R-410A, or a reduction of 30 % compared to the refrigerant R-32 (GWP 675), which is also used in the scroll unit market. From today's point of view, the refrigerant R-454B is the best choice for chillers and heat pump units in the small and medium capacity range up to about 350 kW due to its lowest GWP value for scroll technology, its improved operating limits compared to R-32, and an efficiency increase of about 2% compared to R-410A. In the larger capacity range, units with screw compressors are used, for which the refrigerants R-513A (GWP 631) or R-1234ze (GWP 7) are available.

The FGAC/H units are factory-charged with R-454B refrigerant quantities up to 42 kg and are hermetically sealed. The units are only approved for outdoor installation.  This makes it easy to meet the required safety measures due to the low flammability of the refrigerant (class A2L according to ISO 817). These include, for example, distance regulations to roof hatches or air intakes. A costly safety assessment for direct evaporating VRF systems with flammable A2L refrigerants can be saved. In that application, such a refrigerant can escape into areas where people are present and therefore require e.g. compliance with maximum permissible refrigerant filling quantities.

The FGAC unit series is characterised by SEER values of up to 4.7 or ηs,c-values in the range 184 %. The SEER values describe the seasonal energy efficiency ratio of the units in comfort applications, such as cooling of office buildings, shops or hotels. The second stage of the ErP Directive EU 2016/2281, which takes effect from the beginning of 2021, is already being fulfilled.  With the help of built-in pumps and a buffer tank, a simple plug & play installation is possible. Project-related functional extensions are easily possible by the optional use of a BMS interface, corrosion protection coating for the condenser or e.g. leakage sensors. With the help of the optional desuperheater, part of the dissipated heat can be recovered and used as a free heat source, e.g. for preheating of domestic hot water. Installation components such as anti-vibration mounts, water filters and flow monitors can be ordered as accessories.

The following features distinguish the new chillers of the FGAC series:

  • 12 unit sizes with 2 compressors, 53 to 218 kW cooling capacity
  • 7 unit sizes with 4 compressors, 152 to 338 kW cooling capacity
  • Super low noise units with 7-9 dB(A) reduced sound level
  • Highly efficient units with shell and tube heat exchanger
  • Electronic expansion valves available
  • EC fans available
  • Micro-Channel condenser, optionally coated
  • Operation from -20 °C to +46 °C outdoor temperature possible
  • Chilled water temperatures -10 °C to +15 °C


The following features distinguish the new FGAH unit series with heat pump function:

  • 12 unit sizes with 2 compressors, 53 to 223 kW heating capacity
  • Seasonal changeover heating/cooling via BMS or digital input
  • Cu/Al heat exchanger on the airside, optionally coated
  • Highly efficient units with Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV)
  • Super low noise units with EEV and EC fans
  • Cooling up to +46 °C outside temperature
  • Heating down to -15 °C outside temperature
  • Hot water temperature up to 42 °C at -15 °C outside temperature, or up to max. 52 °C at +2 °C

For more information, please visit https://www.flaktgroup.com/en/

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