Publishing Date: Jan 28, 2022

Datacentres for better security

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PRESS RELEASE: Data centre operator Data4 will build a data centre campus Jawczyce near Warsaw, the company's representatives informed during a conference for journalists. The investment, worth PLN 1 billion, will consist of three independent buildings with separate colocation zones.

The total available space and the possibility of expanding the centre is 50 thousand sqm gross, and IT space 15 thousand sqm net. The target capacity will be 50 MW. There are planned three independent fibre optic entrances to the campus.


1st stage in 2023

By Q1 2023, the first stage is to be ready (8 MW of capacity, 7.2 thousand sq m of gross space, 2.2 thousand sq m of net IT).

Depending on the talks with clients, the investment in individual buildings will be continued. Ultimately, the company wants to complete the entire project in 2025.

According to Data4's assumptions, clients will be both global and local companies from various industries and the public sector. Telecommunications neutrality was assured. Each customer will be able to choose their telecommunications provider

The director also announced a wide offer for Polish integrators. It will cover both the local market and the possibility of providing services in Western Europe, where Data4 data centres operate. The campus near Warsaw will be connected with Data4 centres in Western Europe, which will enable Polish clients to use local data centres (as well as Western clients to use services and resources in Poland).


Only 15 percent. companies in Poland use data centres

Among the factors determining investment in Poland, among others, dynamic development of the industry and a lot of opportunities. The total capacity of the data centre in Poland is nearly 89 MW, and will double to 181 MW within 6 years. By 2026, our country may become one of the leaders in the colocation data centre market in Central and Eastern Europe.

The data provided shows that only 15 percent of companies in Poland use the data centre market, and currently only a few centres are able to provide professional services. The potential is big. It is estimated that 60-70 percent of service recipients are located in Wwie. In addition, Poland is located at the junction of telecommunications routes.

In the opinion of Adam Ponichtery, the competition of suppliers on the Polish market is not as big as in the west, so Data4 can meet it by offering scalability and local data storage. As she assures that Data4 is a European company, it becomes more and more important for its clients.


Data4 accelerates development

Data4 has been on the market for 15 years. It has 24 data centres in France, Luxembourg, Italy and Spain. As he assures, it is already number 1 on the data centre market in Southern Europe.

Acceleration of development was announced at the conference. Poland is part of large investments planned for the years 2022-2024, which are to amount to EUR 1.3 billion. For comparison, the company has invested EUR 800 million in the previous 15 years.

“We want to be a large operator of data centres in Europe. We strongly accelerate development,” announced Olivier Micheli, President and CEO of the Data4 group.

In 2018, the company was purchased by Axa Investment. As assured, it has access to ample shareholder resources and debt financing.


48 data centres in 2024

The company assumes that in 2024 it will already have 48 centres with a total capacity of 650 MW, compared to the current 250 MW, i.e. it will build 4 – 5 data centres per year (so far, on average, 1.5 – 2 centres). The French operator also plans to enter new markets (the company is in Poland from 2021).

As reported, Data4 is building large campuses of data centres and these are, as specified, intelligent centres, equipped with several thousand sensors that ensure operational efficiency and improve customer experience. For example, customers receive real-time information on how much energy, water, CO2 etc. they use and can react.


Green data centre

Quality, scalability and sustainable development were mentioned among the pillars of the company's development. A program to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact has been announced, and it will also be implemented in Poland. Data4 aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. The energy obtained to power Data4 data centres comes from renewable sources or is compensated with energy obtained in 100%. from renewable sources.


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