Publishing Date: Apr 11, 2022

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PRESS RELEASE: Compute North has announced construction is underway to build a 300MW TIER 0™ data centre next to the Wolf Hollow generation station in Granbury, Texas. Compute North’s modular infrastructure will be scalable up to 600MW and co-located directly at the source, providing grid-balancing services to the Energy Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).

Compute North’s TIER 0™ data centre curtailment option provides the data centre the ability to respond quickly during times of peak demand that stress the grid. These demand response capabilities will support rapid curtailment of its energy use, reducing the risk of brownouts and blackouts for consumers and allowing power to be available for mission-critical customers, such as hospitals.

“Compute North is excited to see construction moving forward on our latest facility,” said Dave Perrill, CEO and Co-Founder at Compute North.


“We are developing the next generation of data centres meeting the unprecedented needs of next-generation technology at a time when the demand for energy efficiency and stabilising the energy grid has never been higher. We are committed to continued innovation to support timely demand response solutions, and we work closely with our energy partners to support local energy dynamics.”

Recognised as one of the cleanest combined cycle natural gas-fuelled facilities in the country, powering Compute North’s TIER 0™ data centre at Wolf Hollow will emit less carbon than a data centre of comparable size that is directly grid-connected. Compute North’s modular containers will be co-located at the Wolf Hollow plant through a unique behind-the-meter approach, bringing the load directly to the source. The interconnection will provide ERCOT with a consistent yet interruptible load profile for curtailment services without increasing the price of electricity for Texas customers.

“Granbury is excited to have a new employer in the neighbourhood. Not only will Compute North bring quality jobs to our area, but they also bring an engaged corporate partner by supporting existing non-profits and being part of the community,” said Granbury’s City Manager, Chris Coffman.

The company plans to hire approximately 30 skilled positions for the facility as it scales to 300MW.

In alignment with Compute North’s ESG mission, the company is developing a community engagement and social impact approach focused on extending the future-facing resources and opportunities their data centres generate in the digital asset, transitional energy, and distributed computing sectors into the communities where they operate.

“It is so refreshing for me to witness first-hand how Compute North took time to notice the apparent needs in the community, secured funding, and took action,” says James Vaughan, Pastor at Brazos River Baptist Church.

Vaughan’s congregation partnered with Compute North at the onset of the Wolf Hollow site development process to support the wellbeing and prosperity of the community. Future collaboration between Compute North and Hood County-Granbury leaders will centre around supporting essential needs in the surrounding community and strengthening educational and vocational pathways in technology.

This announcement follows the company’s close of $385 million in strategic funding to expand its TIER 0™ computing infrastructure to sites across the nation.


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