Publishing Date: Jun 10, 2021

Datacentres for better security

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PRESS RELEASE: Comarch, a global software house delivering IT solutions for improving business efficiency, announced today it will build its 32,000-square-foot, North American Data Centre on three acres at Ellsworth Road and Prairie Avenue. Comarch expects to begin construction in June of 2021 and start operations in mid-2022.

Investing in its own infrastructure is part of Comarch's strategy and is related to the plans to expand its business on the American market, where the company has been implementing IT projects since 1999.

Comarch currently provides data centre services for clients from North and South America in rented spaces in Chicago and Columbus, as well as in Montreal and Toronto. When the US facility is launched, all of these servers will be moved to Mesa. Comarch already has its own server rooms in Poland (Krakow and Warsaw), as well as in France and Germany.

We’re thrilled to welcome Comarch’s first US facility to Mesa,” Mesa Mayor John Giles said. “Their renowned systems and IT solutions join the growing trend of technology-based companies finding opportunity and a talented workforce in our city.”

Comarch expects to begin construction in June of 2021 and start operations in mid-2022. The data centre will be used to host infrastructure and applications, support and maintenance, IT project delivery, business development, consulting services, and for the delivery of mission-critical IT systems.

As its first building in the US, this data centre will act as Comarch’s flagship building.

The Mesa data centre will also serve South American customers. Many companies already store data in server rooms that Comarch leases in the USA and Canada.

Comarch has worked closely with architects to ensure that the design is architecturally efficient, appealing, and positively received in the region.

We chose Mesa due to it progressing as an up-and-coming technology region, reasonable energy prices, existing infrastructure, lack of natural disasters, and business business-friendly opt-in processes which reduced timelines for go-live,” said Louis Rossi, Comarch’s director of business development for North America. “The Mesa Office of Economic Development team was also a positive factor as they created a support system to make it easier to navigate an otherwise complicated endeavour for an international company.”

Mr. Rossi hit the nail on the head as to why technology-oriented companies are choosing Mesa as their new home,” District 6 Councilmember Kevin Thompson stated. “The staff in Mesa has done a great job in attracting and marketing our community, and it is not only a win for our citizens, but for our neighbouring communities and the region.”

The general contractor of the data centre will be The Weitz Company. The total cost of Comarch's investment in building the new centre will be approximately USD 22 million.


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