Publishing Date: Jun 09, 2020

Datacentres for better security

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International award-winning technical education company CNet Training has announced that the deadline for the forthcoming Masters Degree in Data Centre Leadership and Management is Friday 14th August 2020.

As we know, data centres are complex facilities that are expected to deliver faultless service and financial results in a world of rapidly changing technologies, business pressures and environmental expectations.

In order to achieve this, data centres need highly capable leaders and managers – individuals who are capable of dealing with business complexity and technological change with the knowledge and skills to ensure their teams deliver against consistently challenging objectives.

The Masters Degree in Data Centre Leadership and Management is a unique program which has been designed in collaboration with the industry to advance data centre professionals worldwide.  No other program offers data centre professionals this high-level leadership and management education tailored to the data centre sector.

The program harnesses CNet’s unique insight into data centre operations and expertise in business leadership and management. Topics have been selected on the basis of feedback from the industry and data centre professionals who are themselves involved with delivering the program alongside other hand-picked specialists. The content of the Masters is re-written each year to ensure it reflects the constantly evolving nature of the sector.

Delivery of the program is through distance learning, meaning that learners can study at times that are convenient to them. They can also easily communicate with their tutors and each other wherever they are in the world.


Primarily this three-year program is based around supported online distance learning via a learning management system, providing flexibility and complete interaction every step of the way. Learners will be supported by the CNet team, specialist academic staff and industry specialists, all with the aim of creating an enriched shared learning experience. Each year there is an optional Bootcamp in Cambridge, UK for those that can attend.

On average, learners commit the equivalent of approximately 10 hours of study to the program per week during trimester time, however this study can be taken at your own pace and undertaken at a convenient time for you. However, the deadlines that are given for your assessed work are strict and must be met.

The program is run across two learning periods per year. There are two points of entry each year, one in January/February, the other in September. Each module is formally assessed.


Download the Masters Degree in Data Centre and Leadership and Management Overview here.

For further information including testimonials, program content, learner profile, pre-requisites, program requirements, program objectives, etc as well as video footage & photographs from past graduations please click here.


About CNet Training:

International award-winning technical education company CNet Training has been designing and delivering professional network infrastructure education and training programs since 1996.

Today CNet is the global leader in technical education for the digital infrastructure industry, comprising the data centre and network infrastructure sectors, and is the only industry dedicated education provider in the world to award both internationally recognised qualifications and professional certifications. These qualifications start at level 3 and culminate in the world’s only level 7 Masters Degree program in Data Centre Leadership and Management.

A significant part of CNet’s history is the development of the highly acclaimed Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework, which offers industry professionals an opportunity to plan technical education, qualifications and certifications to meet on-going individual and business needs.

CNet delivers classroom-based technical education programs led by expert Instructors, in locations across the world and via remote attendance, allowing ease of access to all industry professionals wherever they are in the world.  In addition, they also deliver distance learning programs.

Alongside its impressive client list of multinational organisations, the company is proud of its close associations with the world’s leading trade associations and industry bodies including the Data Centre Alliance, Infrastructure Masons, AFCOM, 7×24, Green Grid and Pearson. CNet is also trusted by many of the world’s leading manufacturers of data centre and network infrastructure solutions to design and deliver their specific training and education programs.

For further information about CNet Training, please visit www.cnet-training.com or contact Poppy Collier at CNet Training on +44 (0) 1284 767100 or email pcollier@cnet-training.com

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