Publishing Date: Dec 10, 2021

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PRESS RELEASE: CMI, China Mobile International Limited, has announced that construction of the China Mobile Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Hong Kong Fo Tan Data Centre (Fo Tan Data Centre) is now underway. Being built by CMI in Fo Tan, Hong Kong, with the Mainland as the hinterland, the new facility is expected to be operational in 2025. It will be an important part of a core data centre cluster for the GBA, serving as an international communications hub to facilitate global connectivity.

Fo Tan Data Centre will directly link to China Mobile's other five self-built core data centres in the GBA and connect to the world via five international submarine cables and five core cross-border terrestrial cable systems. The new infrastructure will further enhance China Mobile's value in self-owned data centre network, cross-border connectivity resources, and local 5G and fibre optic network.

Mrs. Carrie LAM, The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), Mr. SUN Xiangyi, Director-General of Economic Affairs Department of Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong S.A.R, Mr. Alfred SIT, Secretary of Innovation and Technology of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), Ms. JIN Ping, Vice President of the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association, Mr. WANG Yan, Chairman of China Harbour Zhen Hua Engineering Company Limited, Dr. LI Feng, Chairman of China Mobile International and China Mobile Hong Kong, Mr. Sean LEE, Director and Chief Executive Officer of China Mobile Hong Kong and Mr. SHEN Weizhong, Director & Executive Vice President of China Mobile International attended the ground-breaking ceremony today to witness the milestone moment alongside other business leaders.

Amid a booming digital economy, emerging technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and the industrial internet are driving demand for data centre services. The global market for internet data centres is expected to be worth US$143.4 billion by 2027, while China's data centre market is forecast to exceed CNY 320 billion by 2022. With the new Fo Tan Data Centre, CMI is supporting Hong Kong's development and empowering the intelligent upgrade of the GBA to provide a strong foundation for digitalization across the region.

“Data centres are an important communication infrastructure for the development of digital economy and smart cities. In order to promote Hong Kong to become an outstanding data centre hub in the Asia-Pacific region, the HKSAR government has also actively introduced preferential measures for data centre development in recent years. China Mobile International has invested in this 1 million square foot site in Fo Tan. The large area of the industrial site signifies the active investment and great confidence of the communications industry, especially from China Mobile, in the development of its Hong Kong's data centre business. With the support of the country, Hong Kong's excellent business environment and the participation of our communications industry, I believe that Hong Kong will make significant strides towards the future, of both innovation and our communications industry. Thanks to China Mobile for actively expressing opinions and providing strong support to the government's various innovation, technology and telecommunications policies and measures.” said Mrs. Carrie Lam, The Chief Executive of the HKSAR.

Mr. YANG Jie, Chairman of China Mobile sent his congratulations to mark the ground-breaking ceremony, saying that the company sees the construction of the Fo Tan Data Centre in Hong Kong as an opportunity to fully promote new infrastructure, integrate more new elements, and stimulate new momentum to help enhance Hong Kong's status as an international information hub and support the vigorous development of the digital economy in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

“China Mobile places great emphasis to the development and future roadmap of Hong Kong. We are committed to enhancing Hong Kong's status as an international information hub and promoting the integration of 5G into Hong Kong's diverse industries. The ground-breaking ceremony of the Fo Tan Data Centre has opened a new chapter in China Mobile's history in Hong Kong. In the future, it will further strengthen Hong Kong's ‘new infrastructure' advantages, add more digital intelligence to Hong Kong's economic development, and make a greater contribution to Hong Kong's integration into the overall development of our country.” said Dr. Li Feng, Chairman of China Mobile International and China Mobile Hong Kong.

Since its establishment in Hong Kong in 2010, CMI has ramped up its deployment of network resources to drive the digitalization of the city's infrastructure. Following the opening of the China Mobile Global Network Centre in Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong in 2014, Fo Tan Data Centre will be the second self-owned data centre built by CMI in Hong Kong. The new facility will provide local and international users with seamless access to “massive” integrated services, spanning 5G communications, cloud, AI and edge computing, and other advanced technologies, enhancing Hong Kong's position as a global hub of innovation and technology.

CMI continues to accelerate the development of a global Intelligent Network, leveraging its extensive submarine and terrestrial cable systems, Points-of-Presence (PoPs), and internet data centres. CMI currently has four self-owned data centres: the Global Network Centre in Hong Kong, Singapore Data Centre, London Data Centre, and Frankfurt Data Centre. It has over 70 terrestrial and submarine cable resources worldwide, with a total international transmission bandwidth of over 100T and 180+ PoPs. Combining these resources, CMI provides global access with ample bandwidth, flexible connectivity and comprehensive one-stop services, accelerating the development of networking infrastructure worldwide.

CMI is committed to building top-tier, green data centre resources in Hong Kong. Hence, it is adopting a low-carbon approach for Fo Tan Data Centre, which will have an average power usage effectiveness (PUE) rating of less than 1.3 and an extended life expectancy. The new data centre will be equipped with an AI system to maximize efficiency in six critical areas: Material & Resources, Water Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Sites, Smart Building and Transportation and Indoor Environmental Quality. This approach aims to explore energy conservation and emissions reduction for a greener data centre. With a focus on robust infrastructure, life-cycle impact reduction, sustainability, green-planting, renewable energy, AI technology and green certification, CMI is positioning Fo Tan Data Centre as a reliable and environment-friendly data centre and an industry leader. The new data centre also aims for green building certifications such as BEAM Plus and LEED Gold.

Designed in accordance with international Tier III data centre standards, Fo Tan Data Centre will span a construction floor area of 103,660 sqm, accommodating over 9,000 server cabinets in total.

The ground-breaking ceremony was accompanied by an exhibition offering insights into the major plans of CMI in terms of global network development and the “Belt and Road” Initiative. With continuous efforts to expand its networking infrastructure, CMI provides enhanced data centre services and network connectivity specifically for users in GBA. In the future, CMI will continue to advance its data centre presence across the globe and fully leverage its own network synergies to achieve efficient convergence and agility, providing global access with large bandwidth connectivity to global carrier partners, enterprise customers and consumer users.


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