Publishing Date: Jul 15, 2021

Datacentres for better security

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PRESS RELEASE: Madrid – Rentaload and CliAtec 360º Data Center have signed a collaboration agreement for the Spanish and Portuguese markets. With this alliance, CliAtec becomes the strategic partner in our country of
the leading company in the rental of smart load banks. Rentaload, which is present in several important hyper-scale data centre projects in Spain, puts the delivery, installation and connection, testing assistance and complete commissioning of equipment for innovative data centre projects in the hands of CliAtec.

With the rapid growth of digitization due to the pandemic, data centres have had to adapt their infrastructures to the new situation of demand for connectivity.

On the one hand, they have had to adapt their facilities and, on the other, they have had to face
stress tests never seen before, due to the peak in traffic and the increase in the data processing.

Commissioning and load banks

In this scenario, the commissioning phase and load banks take on special relevance. It is in this
start-up phase when the stress tests are carried out and the real load they need is verified. And for
this, load banks are essential for different reasons:

  • Load banks simulate the thermal load of IT equipment before installation.
  • They subject data centres to different stress scenarios, both in terms of electrical power
    and thermal load.
  • They help to validate and verify that the air conditioning and electrical security
    infrastructures of a data centre have been installed following the project requirements.

In commissioning protocols, these tests are carried out in phases 4 and 5, where the electrical systems and the air conditioning systems are subjected to a stress test at full load to detect possible failures or inappropriate loads.

Rentaload offers connected solutions to test data centre infrastructures, with a wide range of smart load banks adaptable to different environments. In such a way, it is possible to check, test and verify the power and cooling systems of a data centre during levels 4 and 5 of commissioning, as well as evaluate the reliability, efficiency and performance of all installed systems.

European partner network

Rentaload is present in the FLAP & Dublin market – contemplates in this agreement with CliAtec 360º Data Center its introduction in the Spanish / Portuguese market, which is consolidated as a meeting point for Internet traffic in the South of Europe.

In this way, Rentaload can intervene quickly in all its European projects and offer quality services thanks to its local partners.

Madrid's application as a digital hub in southern Europe has concentrated important technological projects in our territory, with the projection of innovative hyper-scale data centres. Rentaload and CliAtec 360º Data Center participate in some of these emblematic innovative data centre projects, providing efficient solutions for the start-up phases.

ABOUT RENTALOAD Load Bank rental company, located in Lyon, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and London. Rentaload is present throughout Europe. With a long professional trajectory, Rentaload offers load banks designed and optimised specifically for this market. Its customers are located in sectors such as data centres, hospitals, military, nuclear energy or marine.


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