Cadence – Thésée DataCenter is Providing Colocation Services Like No Other

Publishing Date: May 23, 2024

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Thésée DataCenter is a sovereign, eco-responsible colocation data centre, offering the best level of security and availability at a competitive price. Their vision? Giving their customers a home-away-from-home data centre experience as if it were their own facility. And they’re doing so with the help of Cadence Reality DC.

With six data centre halls, each housing two identical rooms of 534 square meters, Thésée DataCenter’s facility is aimed at mixed and high-density server hosting, but in an energy-efficient manner with Tier IV certification. Each data centre also has its own digital twin to ensure that it’s always working at optimal efficiency from a capacity, power, and cooling standpoint.

Customers will be able to interact with a 3D virtual replica of their space using Cadence Reality DC Digital Twin. Cadence Reality DC Digital Twin has been used through the design phase of the data centre to understand the behaviour of Thésée DataCenter’s facility under different capacity levels, failure scenarios, and its ability to support a mixture of high and low rack densities with the same data centre hall.

Cadence Reality DC Design played a key role in Thésée DataCenter’s design process. First, it was important to check and validate the design, particularly the high density. In addition, it was important to integrate Cadence Reality DC Digital Twin into their DCMS portal to guarantee the service-level objective for their customers. The use of CFD simulation via Cadence Reality DC helps both Thésée DataCenter and its customers in predicting outcomes and making operational decisions in a cost-effective and risk-free manner while maximizing energy and capacity efficiency.

“Designed with Cadence” is a series of videos that showcases creative products and technologies that are accelerating industry innovation using Cadence tools and solutions. Learn more about how Thésée DataCenter is providing energy-efficient colocation with Cadence.

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Future Facilities, now Cadence, is a software company dedicated to improving the way data centres are designed and operated. Our digital twin allows you to predict, visualise and quantify the impact of any change in your data centre prior to implementation, empowering you to make decisions with confidence.

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