Publishing Date: Feb 24, 2021

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PRESS RELEASE: British telecommunications multinational BT Group has signed a deal with Total Gas & Power for the provision of renewable energy.

Total will provide the telco with energy generated from a mix of renewable energy sources including solar, wind and hydro from sites across the UK.

The deal will be valid as from April 2022 for a period of three years.

The contract comprises electricity supplies to c.3,100 BT Group sites with an annual estimated consumption of 1,124GWh. This accounts for almost half of the total annual electricity consumed by BT in the UK.

As one of the largest electricity suppliers in the UK, Total shares the ambition to become net zero by 2050 for all of its activities. This ambition is supported by the strategy to develop Total as a broad-energy company, with oil and gas, low-carbon electricity and carbon-neutrality solutions as integrated parts of its business.

The deal is part of efforts by the BT Group to reduce its carbon footprint, accelerate the energy transition and to play a key role in the fight against climate change.

BT has led on climate action for over 28 years and was one of the first companies in the world to adopt science-based targets, directly linking its own goals to the overall level of reductions in emissions needed to limit the most harmful impacts of the climate crisis.

BT Group, the joint-largest private purchaser of electricity in the UK, recently announced that its network and buildings including offices and shops worldwide are all now powered with 100% renewable electricity.

BT has pledged to become a net-zero carbon emissions business by 2045.

Cyril Pourrat, chief procurement officer at BT, said: “As an organisation that consumes nearly 1% of the UK’s electricity, it is important for BT to demonstrate its commitment to a green recovery. Purchasing 100 percent renewable electricity from Total sends a strong signal that renewables are important to the UK and today’s announcement underpins our commitment to climate action and in becoming a net zero carbon emissions business by 2045.”


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