Publishing Date: Jul 07, 2022

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BBIX to Launch A New IX Point “BBIX Singapore No.2” in Singapore

BBIX, Inc. (“BBIX”), a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp. which conducts an Internet Exchange (IX) business, today has announced the launch of a new IX point in Singapore, “BBIX Singapore No.2,” which will start operation and provide “Smart IX” service* from August 2022.

As one of the major global interconnection hubs in APAC where many large-scale data centers as well as a key subsea cable landing site exists, Singapore has attracted world-class content service providers, Internet service providers (ISPs), cloud service providers, enterprises, and educational institutions to interconnect in the region. This favourable Internet environment has been an essential factor in BBIX deciding to open its second IX point in Singapore.

By providing “Smart IX” service and Inter-node Connectivity (which is a value added service), at “BBIX Singapore No.2,” customers will be able to enjoy low-latency and high-quality traffic exchange with other “Smart IX” service users at the same IX site, as well as users at other BBIX global IX points.

BBIX believes with the new “BBIX Singapore No.2” in place, it will be able to further expand its coverage in the Singapore market. BBIX will continue to strive to provide reliable and enriched interconnectivity services to customers globally.



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