Publishing Date: May 18, 2022

Datacentres for better security

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PRESS RELEASE: Banrisul has inaugurated its new tier III mission critical Margarete Venzke Fenner Data Centre. It is a structure that concentrates the best market practices and meets the most up-to-date information technology asset management. The building, which is also a model in terms of sustainability, received an investment of R$ 83 million.

According to the director of information technology and innovation at Banrisul, Jorge Krug, it is a mission-critical building.

“We are in line with the most modern buildings in the country, designed for uninterrupted operation, even during maintenance procedures or lack of electricity supply. This raises the quality of service provided there at the end, to our four million customers, and allows our constant performance in solutions that improve the digital journey”, he says.

Krug also points out that a superior Data Centre model was created, with an international certification standard and an area of ​​3 thousand square meters.

“The structure as a whole has impressive numbers, such as a total processing capacity of 6 petabytes, exceeding 25 million instructions per second. It is the first Tier 3 classification in Rio Grande do Sul, designed to meet demand for the next 30 years . We are facing a national case of moving, which is the transition of operations from one data centre to another”, informs Krug.

The new Data Centre is designed to operate with the lowest possible air conditioning consumption. The installed system uses air cooling – eliminating the consumption and waste of potable water for this purpose. There is also the collection of rainwater for use in bathrooms. To enable adequate air conditioning – a factor that represents the highest consumption in a building with these characteristics – the building pioneered the use of the Free Cooling system, enabling the use of external air for cooling, significantly reducing energy consumption.

Automation systems allow real-time analysis of all Data Centre parameters. In the event of a fire, the problem is detected early, with a quick response, in order to prevent risks to people and damage to protected assets. As extinguishing agent, the inert gas Inergen was chosen, which does not harm the ozone layer and has no potential to cause a greenhouse effect. The building also has a bicycle rack to encourage the movement of employees with less impact on the environment. There is also a green area, where several plant specimens are preserved.


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