Publishing Date: May 13, 2022

Datacentres for better security

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PRESS RELEASE: Alibaba Cloud has launched its first data centre in Thailand to bolster local businesses’ digital innovation capabilities. The move is also in line with Thailand government’s 20 year National Strategic Plan (2018-2037) to provide security, prosperity and sustainability to the nation.

With Thailand Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) come into force in June, the launch of Alibaba Cloud’s first data centre in Thailand further reiterates the company’s commitment to comply with Thai regulations when operating locally, and to bring secure and innovative technology to the country. The data centre has secured ISO27001 and ISO20000 certificates, and is compliant with Thailand PDPA regulations, as well as the financial regulatory guideline issued by The Bank of Thailand (BOT).

“Data security and protection remains our top priority as we continue to expand. With the establishment of our new data centre, we are committed to be compliant with Thailand’s rules and regulations,” said Tyler Qiu, Country Manager for Thailand, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.


“In addition, we want to bring our best technology offerings, as well as our vertical know-hows to Thailand. With Alibaba Cloud’s successful track-record supporting global businesses, we hope to create an inclusive digital ecosystem to power Thailand’s vision as ASEAN’s digital hub.”

The security offerings that have been brought to Thailand include anti-DDoS service, WAF, security centre, action trail, SSL certificate service, and resource access management. Some of these services exhibit proven capabilities ensuring the smooth operation of Alibaba Group’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival – one of the largest shopping festivals in the world.

These security services can boost platform security protection, proactive defence, threat detection, and investigation and response, such as protecting software, app or websites against ransomware, mining and backdoor, and trojan programs to reduce operational issues. Architecturally, Alibaba Cloud’s security centre is also able to provide compliance assessment for businesses, in order to protect online and offline servers to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Other key products and solutions that the company have officially launched in Thailand together with the data centre include elastic compute, database, network, storage, developer services, content delivery and enterprise applications.

The strength of Alibaba Cloud’s products has been testified by major global analysts firms: Its CDN products was named a major player by IDC; Its container technology has been announced a leader by Forrester; Its database products has been recognised as a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader while its critical cloud abilities of compute, storage, network and security among global cloud service providers have been endorsed by Gartner too.

Alibaba Cloud has also been enhancing its local technology implementation and migration capabilities through the support of its partners. Since the launch of its Thailand Partner Alliance 100 program last October, more than 40 partners such as National Telecom, Thailand Fintech Association, HiCloud, TMES, True IDC, True Digital Academy, SIS have embarked on the growth journey with Alibaba Cloud. Besides direct sales, Alibaba Cloud will also work with partners to innovate new solutions to support Thai businesses.

“Together with Alibaba Cloud, we are bringing world-leading solutions to Thai customers to increase cloud adoption for their businesses,” said Diego Ma, CEO of HiCloud.


“With Alibaba Cloud’s efforts in building up the local ecosystem, we can enjoy various benefits including training, enablement, and marketing opportunities with them in order to expand our offerings to wider customer base, and help our customers to speed up their digital transformation journey.”

Strategy wise, Alibaba Cloud is focusing on several key verticals, including retail and logistics, finance and fintech, digital entertainment and public enterprise services. Alibaba Cloud’s products and solutions supporting these industries have been proven successful with global customers including Singapore Post, Binangonan Rural Bank (Philippines), Animal Logic (Australia) and global partners such as Red Hat, Salesforce and VMware.

As Asia Pacific’s top cloud service provider recognised by IDC, and one of the top three cloud service providers ranked by Gartner for the fourth consecutive year, Alibaba Cloud currently operates 84 availability zones in 27 regions globally. It has also obtained about 80 security and data privacy certifications worldwide, fixing more than 7.3 million vulnerabilities per year.

To fulfil its sustainability pledge, Alibaba Cloud aims to have its global data centres running entirely on clean energy by 2030. In addition, Alibaba Group also recently joined the Low Carbon Patent Pledge to Accelerate the Adoption of Green Technology, and make nine energy efficiency patents technology available for free for the first time.


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