Accelsius & Reimagining Data Centre Efficiency: Why every CIO should consider Liquid Cooling

Publishing Date: Feb 19, 2024

Datacentres for better security

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The most expensive aspect of running a data centre after the compute is cooling and liquid cooling has come of age.  The timing couldn’t be better for Accelsius who is about to launch its 2 phase direct -to- chip liquid cooling solution.

Read the following article entitled “Reimagining Data Centre Efficiency : Why every CIO should consider Liquid Cooling”. In this article the writer explains why, in the evolving requirements of data centres and considering environmental, financial and infrastructural challenges and trends that underscore the necessity for data centre cooling to occupy a place on the CIO’s agenda.

The article includes a useful and informative infographic categorizing major types of liquid cooling (immersion and direct-to-chip) with explanation of the differences between single-phase and two-phase within these groupings.

Improve your understanding of Liquid Cooling and why it needs to be genuinely considered against traditional air cooling methods.

Accelsius is at the forefront of liquid cooling technology. Review the Accelsius listing for contact details.

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