Publishing Date: Apr 06, 2022

Datacentres for better security

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Abloy UK is presenting its new CIPE Manager – a user-friendly, cloud-based management system – at Connected North 2022, as well as showcasing its range of innovative electromechanical locking and digital access solutions that are ideal for protecting ISP equipment and remote sites.

CIPE Manager allows Internet Service Providers and Communications companies to manage all their keys, locks and access rights from any location, on a single management system, which can connect with every locking solution in Abloy’s digital portfolio with a secure, easy to use mapping and reporting interface.

These include the keyless Abloy BEAT Bluetooth padlock, the electromechanical PROTEC2 CLIQ® system, and ASSA ABLOY PULSE, as well as the high-security mechanical Abloy master key systems.

CIPE Manager portfolio

This range of electromechanical, mechanical and digital access solutions can be combined in a variety of ways to meet virtually any requirements, providing flexible, scalable, compliant and robust security in a range of applications – from network cabinets, to remote sites, server cabinets and data centres.

PROTEC2 CLIQ® is an easy-to-use access control system, trusted by many critical infrastructure organisations around the world, including the major telecoms and ISP organisations.

It enables remote key management and provides comprehensive audit trails on locks and padlocks, which fulfils the demands of regulators. It also has the facility to electronically remove lost or stolen keys from the system, meaning security can still be confidently controlled in circumstances where a key has been misplaced.


ABLOY BEAT on gate

BEAT is a new keyless padlock that combines three main components: a digital key, a mobile application and a Super Weather Proof IP68 rated heavy-duty, Bluetooth padlock. It is designed especially for the protection of critical infrastructure and industrial sites, and physically secures property while offering customers improved operational efficiency, reducing both logistics and costs.


ASSA ABLOY PULSE is an intelligent, energy harvesting, future-proof solution that doesn’t need batteries or cables. This wireless access system combines the flexibility of electronic locking with the familiarity of mechanical security and requires no power supply as it self-charges with every use. Each user carries one programmable key giving them access to a specific allocation of locks and doors.

SMARTair™ is an access control system which utilises electronic locks to provide advanced, user-friendly, compliant access management with multiple credential options. With intuitive management software, facility managers control, identify and update exactly who can open every door, with an instant overview of their site’s security status.

The user-friendly interface is accessible from almost any standard PC, tablet or smartphone, and the Openow™ mobile solution has the capability to send, revoke and update virtual keys over the air in seconds.

Steve Wintle, Head of CI at Abloy UK, explains: “CIPE Manager includes a highly visual map-based user interface that provides a clear overview of the variety of locking points, connecting mechanical, electromechanical and keyless locking solutions into the same system.


“Access rights can be updated, and access permissions granted and revoked remotely from any location with most mobile devices or desktop computers, using the browser-based user interface.


“CIPE Manager provides digital convenience, control and security that simplifies managing daily processes, adding operational efficiency and complete situational awareness.

Held at Manchester Central, from 25th – 26th April, Connected North is the UK's leading connectivity conference and exhibition, covering full-fibre and 5G rollouts, the digital economy, smart cities and digital infrastructure development, digital inclusion, and the evolving enterprise ICT landscape.

For further information on products and services available from Abloy, come to stand 6 at Connected North 2022, or alternatively visit Abloy UK, call 01902 364 500, or email info@abloy.co.uk.



Abloy UK provides digital, electromechanical and mechanical solutions for security and access control for the entire telecom ecosystem – including mobile network operators, tower companies and data centre service providers.

Abloy’s digital, electromechanical and mechanical solutions meet all telecom industry security and access control requirements. From the inside out, each employee, contractor, access point, restricted area and perimeter can be robustly secured and monitored remotely – under any circumstances. Assisting in meeting the demand for secure, uninterrupted telecom network service during all upgrades, expansion and maintenance is our expertise and focus.

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