DCME Data Centre Networking Ireland, End User Networking Event, 15th November 2022

DCME Face-to-Face End-User Networking Event. The next in the successful DCME series of exclusive networking events held in Dublin.

This event will be held on the evening of Tuesday 15th November 2022 in Dublin. Please bookmark this page for updates.

Tuesday 15th – Tuesday 15th of November 2022

We would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting this event:

Schneider Electric
GF Piping Systems
Zumtobel Lighting
Riello UPS

As part of the continued growth of global information portal, DATACENTRE.ME, this will be the 2nd end user event that we've run in Dublin and (including 5 Charity Christmas parties, 31 end user events in London plus 3 virtual events) this will be our 41st event in total!

This particular networking evening has the title “DCME Data Centre Networking Ireland”


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Take a look at one of our fantastic end user events (pre-COVID!) in full swing.

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Further details and benefits of attending this event:

  • This is a strictly end user event.  We limit the numbers of vendors & manufacturers as the only vendor companies allowed to register are either sponsoring the event and / or the DATACENTRE.ME website.  This means that we attract a greater mix of attendees and our VIP guests can register safe in the knowledge that they will not be surrounded by wall-to-wall vendors that only want to sell you something!  See who qualifies to attend our end user events and who does not here
  • There will be absolutely no cost to yourselves as beer, wine, soft drinks & finger food will be very kindly provided, courtesy of our event sponsors
  • You will have the opportunity to network with many industry VIPs – you can expect approximately 150-250 in attendance on the evening, many of whom are senior management / C-level professionals within the data centre industry from banks, consultancies, main contractors, enterprises and data centres owners & operators themselves
  • Our events are well-organised, relaxed evenings of pure networking with no formal presentations to sit through
  • To help ensure a good mix of attendees, we try to limit the number of attendees from any one company to a maximum of 4
  • You will be wined and dined in a prestigious venue in central London.  Full details will be supplied to all confirmed registrants
  • Attendees have the opportunity of winning some fabulous prizes in the sponsors' prize draws
  • As previously mentioned, this is an end user event and is by invitation only however, if you are a Data Centre manager, Infrastructure Manager, Operations Director, CTO, vendor-neutral consultant, installer, engineer or similar and would like to attend, please complete the registration form for the DATACENTRE.ME team to review and we will very gladly release a ticket for you.   Please note that, if you work for a supplier / manufacturer / distributor of products or services that are sold into data centres you will be classed as a vendor meaning that you will not qualify for a ticket to attend for this event – in this case please let us know if you would like to consider sponsorship of the event and / or the DATACENTRE.ME website which will then qualify you to attend.  More information can be found here
  • This is a ticketed event meaning no ticket = no entry on the night.  If you wish to attend you must get in touch beforehand to register



  • The DATACENTRE.ME networking sessions have been designed specifically to offer senior management / “C”-level professionals within NON-VENDOR organisations (such as data centre owners / operators, enterprises, blue chip organisations, banks, independent consultants, installers, engineers etc) the opportunity of meeting other industry experts and VIPs in a relaxed environment
  • We invite “C”-level professionals and senior management i.e. decision-makers from the above type of companies to attend our events.  Unless via special arrangement with ourselves (the event organisers), we do not allow junior roles or individuals with jobs titles that include sales, marketing or business development to attend our events
  • Attendees from vendor / manufacturer / supplier / media / PR / recruitment organisations may only attend these events following specific invite from a DATACENTRE.ME member of staff.  If you are from a vendor organisation and are interested in attending this or a future event, please let us know and we can discuss sponsorship opportunities
  • Strictly no students or attendees from any media, event, PR or recruitment organisations and / or other competitors of DATACENTRE.ME shall be permitted entry to this event
  • All guests must supply a corporate email address that is not a generic one such as info@, enquiries@ etc.  Personal email addresses such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc will not be accepted
  • Proof of registration in the form of a printed or soft copy of your confirmation email and a business card and photo ID shall be requested from each attendee as they arrive at the registration desk on the evening of the event. Entry may be refused if both of the afore-mentioned items cannot be produced.
  • This is a “COVID-safe” event – you can read our guidance here 
  • DATACENTRE.ME reserves the right to cancel any registrations, make a charge and / or ask any attendee(s) to leave the event if they are deemed to be non-compliant with of any of these terms & conditions
  • Please note that, by submitting a registration form and/or agreeing to register to attend this event, you consent to sharing your contact details including telephone number and email address with the event organiser and sponsor companies.
  • Tickets are limited therefore, if you find that you are no longer able to attend, please contact us here.  If you do not turn up on the evening and do not let us know, this may affect your ability to register for future events.

The safety of our sponsors and guests at our face-to-face events is paramount to us.

We continue to follow Government guidelines and, as such, will put in place such measures as are required.

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