TRILUX Lighting Limited.

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TRILUX Simplify Your Light represents the most simple and reliable path to customised, energy-efficient, and sustainable lighting solutions. We provide our customers with optimal advice, ideal orientation, and perfect light. To ensure this, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of technologies as well as high-performance partners within the TRILUX Group – always perfectly matched to your requirements and specific application.

Our goal is to rapidly and efficiently realise complex and extensive projects from a single source, and to do so we aim to be on the same wavelength as our customers. So that we are always looking ahead, to generate new momentum and to set new standards.

TRILUX solutions greatly value energy-efficiency and the mitigation of our impact on the environment. Our product solutions are aimed at preserving resources while also providing the best preconditions for high-performance lighting systems that are also highly cost effective for our clients in the long run.

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