Smardt chillers

SMARDT Chillers

Smardt’s Data Centre Chiller Solutions
Energy efficiency, performance, and reliability, are the cornerstones of Smardt’s chillers. It’s why data centres around the globe rely on Smardt chillers. Smardt’s oil-free chiller operation ensures simpler and less expensive maintenance and provides the lowest life-cycle costs in the industry.

Lowest PUE
Smardt oil-free chillers are 20 to 50% more energy efficient than conventional oil lubricated chillers. Superior energy efficiency gives Smardt chillers the lowest power utilization efficiency (PUE) in the industry. This can significantly reduce data centre utility bills. Extensive Experience Smardt oil-free chillers support hundreds of
data centre installations around the world. Custom Solutions – Units range from 60 to 3,600 tons water cooled and 60-650 RT Air cooled chillers. Standard, semi-custom, and custom Smardt chillers are used in hundreds of data centres worldwide.

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