SES Engineering Services

SES Engineering Services boasts a rich 65-year history delivering engineering excellence in the UK. Our forward-thinking, intelligent approach combined with our unwavering passion and resilience has resulted in us becoming one of the UK’s leading design-led M&E providers.

As pioneers in innovation and digital engineering we work on some of the most complex and exciting projects in the country. Seamlessly blending technology with in-house expertise to provide personalised, smart solutions for the built environment. From flagship commercial buildings to cutting-edge industrial facilities, we deliver specialist services that meet our customer’s requirements whilst pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Our mission extends beyond pipes and wires. We are dedicated to enhancing the communities we serve and nurturing emerging talent within our industry to create a better tomorrow.

SES Engineering Services (SES) is recognised as one of the leading M&E partners in the UK. Specialising in the design and installation of building services and infrastructure solutions, SES covers all aspects of M&E engineering.

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