Hitema International

HITEMA® INTERNATIONAL S.R.L. is a specialist manufacturer of standard and customized cooling solutions.

The use of Data Center Chillers is fundamental to data center operation, because of the considerable heat produced by many servers operating in close proximity to one another. Without the use of several cooling units, temperatures would quickly rise to levels that would corrupt data and damaged hardware.

Furthermore, considering the pandemic emergency due to COVID-19, the importance of Data Centers has increased significantly. They have become a fundamental tool to support man in his work and daily activities

HITEMA with its range of product solutions is able to develop and design Units suitable for this particular application, with attention to the continuity of work of the Chillers, studying solutions to save energy costs in an eco-sustainable way and guaranteeing the efficiency of its Units.

The study of eco-sustainable solutions to reduce consumption and energy costs is fundamental, considering that for the cooling of its rooms, chillers consume immense amounts of electricity and require dedicated power supplies, consuming the largest percentage of a data center's electricity.

Our chillers are the result of a process of continuous improvement, with a focus on the reliability of product functionality, scalability (new units can be added at a later time to increase the power of the installation) and on performance optimization while keeping energy saving.

Over the years, HITEMA has developed several customized projects for this specific application producing Units with customized solid mainframe, customized electrical power system according to the needs of processing continuity, customized dimensions and colors, as well as intelligent technical solutions to meet the most various needs of project requirements.

Our technical department is at your disposal to support you defining the best solutions to meet your needs. We strongly believe that challenges and opportunities lead to innovation!

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