eSmart Networks

eSmart Networks work across multiple sectors including, Industrial & commercialEV Charging InfrastructureRenewables and Battery Storage.

Are you a Data Centre Developer?

  • eSmart Networks are experts at connecting you to the grid.
  • As the data centre market in the UK is growing and transforming, the challenge of managing power needs and ensuring sustainability remains a constant concern.
  • Working closely with our specialist Grid Consultancy team, we analyse the network data to secure your capacity, meet your power requirements and advise on electricity supply for both current and future demand.
  • Data Centres rely on significant infrastructure to support both hardware and software operations. Our expert Grid Consultancy team have the expertise to pinpoint suitable locations for the distribution and transmission of electricity supply, through designing, constructing and commissioning the network infrastructure.

Need A Grid Connection?

  • eSmart Networks are experts at capturing and connecting your power needs in the fastest, most cost-effective way. We simplify the capacity securing process, enabling you to have certainty in the delivery of your Industrial & commercial electrification plans.
  • We specialise in efficiently connecting your project to the electricity grid. With a focus on the increasing demand for grid capacity, we streamline the process, while simultaneously freeing up your resources to concentrate on project delivery and meeting your Industrial & commercial connection timeline.
  • Our team conducts a thorough analysis of the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) network. We identify the most cost-effective point of connection, whilst also assisting in reducing any third party land issues that could impact your project timeline.

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