Danfoss is known for its advanced energy-saving technologies, like valves, smart actuators, oil-free and variable speed compressors, frequency converters, heat exchangers, and connectors and hoses for liquid cooling, which provide data centers with flexibility to choose the cooling solution that consumes less energy and water and costs less, based on high quality products.

Danfoss has a wide portfolio and application expertise to reduce direct and indirect CO2 emissions with lower-GWP refrigerants and energy effective solutions. Danfoss technologies are also optimized for operating conditions at higher temperatures to enable less need for cooling, thus naturally reducing the power consumption used for cooling.

In addition, Danfoss has innovative solutions for heat recovery. Excess heat is generated by server equipment as part of data center operation and is discharged into the atmosphere. Utilizing this excess heat for use in heating applications, instead of allowing it to escape.

Danfoss offers:

  • High quality energy efficient cooling technologies from the IT rack to the district heating network
  • Application expertise in future-proofing district energy solutions for efficient reuse of energy, and designing less water and power consumption cooling systems
  • Solutions and know-how for DC power distribution with pre-certified grid compliance
  • Efficient fire safety in data centers leading to lower TCO and minimum downtime in case of fire

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