CNet Training

International award-winning technical education company, CNet Training has been designing and delivering professional network infrastructure training programs since 1996.

Today CNet is the global leader in technical education for the digital infrastructure industry, comprising the data centre and network infrastructure sectors and is the only industry dedicated education provider to award both internationally recognised qualifications and professional certifications. These qualifications start at level 3 and culminate with the world’s first and only a level 7 Masters Degree program in Data Centre Leadership and Management.

A significant part of CNet’s history is the development of the highly acclaimed Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework, which offers industry professionals an opportunity to plan technical education, qualifications and certifications to meet ongoing individual and business needs.

CNet delivers classroom-based, instructor-led technical education programs in locations across the world and via remote attendance, allowing ease of access to all industry professionals wherever they are, in addition to distance learning programs. Alongside its impressive client list of multinational organisations, the company is proud of its close associations with the world’s leading trade associations and industry bodies including the Data Centre Alliance, EUDCA, Infrastructure Masons, AFCOM, 7×24, Broad Group, Green Grid, ISO quality standards and Pearson. So trusted is CNet’s expertise that it also designs and delivers vendor-specific programs for many of the world’s leading manufacturers of data centre and network infrastructure solutions.

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