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When it comes to data centre cooling, Aermec are experts. We can engineer solutions to deliver effective cooling for any load and full range of flow and return temperatures. We offer technically advanced and energy efficient solutions.

Our product range includes water and air-cooled chillers to air handling units, CRAC units, Aerwall, dry coolers and adiabatic dry air coolers, heat recovery systems and heat pumps as well as bespoke solutions.

When designing and manufacturing products, we place great emphasis on ensuring maximum respect for the environment; reducing pollution, saving energy, safeguarding health and providing improved well-being.

We believe in collaborative working practices, internally and externally. We work closely with architects, M&E consultants and HVAC system designers.

We thrive on challenges and complicated HVAC projects. There are no air conditioning challenges which Aermec cannot solve. From small niche applications to high profile projects with exacting criteria, our case studies highlight our many successes.

Our factory’s dedicated witness testing facilities are the largest in Europe and include an acoustic test chamber and a data centre simulator. Our air conditioning testing chamber allows single units up to 2MW to be tested at full load.

Aermec is proud of its achievements and we are committed to delivering the very best solutions for our customers.

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