Mitsubishi Electric – Maintaining Quality

Mitsubishi Electric - Maintaining Quality Stuart O’Neil, Business Development Manager Service & Maintenance looks at the importance of regular planned maintenance for your HVAC equipment Do we ever really think about why we maintain building services equipment? It...

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Dowden: Data an Opportunity, Not a Risk

Dowden: Data an Opportunity, Not a Risk We have long viewed data through the lens of risk, at least according to UK Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden. He hopes to change that with the hiring of a new Information Commissioner whose job will be to find new ways to...

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Tech Breakthrough Opens the Door to 100 Gigabit Internet

Tech Breakthrough Opens the Door to 100 Gigabit Internet The mobile world is abuzz with newly introduced 5G technology. In the arena of wired networks, 25 gigabit is state-of-the-art for commercial applications but, thanks to a recent tech breakthrough from Nokia and...

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Staying Cool on The Edge

Staying Cool on The Edge Mitsubishi Electric's James Smurthwaite looks at the critical issues around IT cooling and explores a new system that brings VRF flexibility to data centres As more of us shift our working, shopping and media online, the UK data centre market...

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Why Big Tech Isn’t as Green as We Are Led to Believe

Why Big Tech Isn't as Green as We Are Led to Believe Facebook turned a lot of heads when it claimed its global operations centre would reach its 100% renewable energy goal this year. Equally impressive are Amazon, Microsoft and Google, all of whom have pledged to...

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