Facebook Turning Data Centre Hardware on Its Head

It is safe to say that few other companies have made as much of an impact on the Internet and IT systems as Facebook. Originally launched as a college project by entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has grown to be an international force to be reckoned with on many...

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New NSA Data Centre Rendered Impotent by Power Surges

The troubled United States National Security Agency (NSA) has been the subject of an incredible amount of international scrutiny due to surveillance practices that may eventually prove to be a violation of international privacy laws.  And now, just as things couldn't...

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Hard Drive Theft Leads to ICO Warning

The recent theft of a hard drive from a small business owner has resulted in a significant fine and a warning from the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).  The warning was a stern reminder to business owners of their legal obligation to protect any personal data...

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Typhoon Usagi: No Problem for Hong Kong Data Centres

Even as weather forecasters and government officials were warning of a T-10 typhoon last month, data centre operators in Hong Kong were not panicking. They have been through these things before and they know the infrastructure and systems they've put in place can...

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Apple Fingerprint Technology Raises Security Questions

Imagine walking up to the entrance of one of the biggest data centre facilities in the world, placing your thumb on a fingerprint reader, and instantly gaining access with no questions asked. It's the stuff of sci-fi movies and futuristic stories. Or is it? Thanks to...

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MeyGen Given Consent for Scottish Tidal Project

Mey Gen Ltd, a joint venture established between Morgan Stanley, GDF SUEZ, and Atlantis Resources Corporation, has reached an important milestone in its drive to create a commercially viable tidal energy array. The milestone comes by way of consent from Marine...

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Vodafone Acknowledges Serious Security Breach

Late last week it was learned that Vodafone Germany was the victim of a very serious security breach that compromised the personal information of more than 2 million customers. The German arm of the UK-based phone network acknowledged the security breach but claimed...

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