Google Signs Long-Term Deal for Wind Power

When Google flips the switch on their brand-new data centre in Delfzijl, Netherlands, it will be powered entirely by renewable energy generated by local power providers.  Some of that power will come from a new wind farm now being constructed by Dutch energy company...

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Telecom Fraud Reveals Oft Overlooked Security Flaw

Cyber security these days focuses almost entirely on electronic data breaches by way of network hacks, malware and the like.  And rightly so however the recent fraud conviction of a telecom director suggests that we might be ignoring one of the most fundamental...

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2bm design and build a data centre for ARM in US

Data centre design and build specialists 2bm have recently received some great news.  One of their most recent and challenging contracts has been nominated for three separate awards in the Datacenter Dynamics North American Awards 2014. 1.    Special Assignment Team...

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Free Cooling. Is It Really Free?

The term ‘free cooling’ has been used more and more in recent years in relation to data centre cooling. However, on the basis that there is no such thing as a free lunch, we suspect there’s no such thing as FREE cooling either.  In this blog, Alan Beresford, Technical...

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Cloud Sprawl: Are There Too Many Clouds in the Data Sky?

There is a new term emerging in the world of cloud computing: 'cloud sprawl’.  It is a term being used to describe current conditions in which organisations have multiple cloud environments all in place simultaneously, with each one including multiple instances of...

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Pilots Association Call for Strict Drone Regulation

The association recently called on the Government to introduce strict regulations protecting commercial airlines and passengers before allowing large-scale drones to be flown in UK airspace.  BALPA says its members are already concerned after a number of run-ins with...

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New Seattle Data Centre Proposes to Recycle Waste Heat

At the corner of Sixth Ave and Bell St in downtown Seattle, Washington (USA) sits a parking lot.  That parking lot is within a reasonable distance of a newly built Amazon data centre as well as numerous high-rise office buildings and ongoing development projects.  If...

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Complex Issues Raising Concerns about Energy Security

Energy security in the 1970s was anything but a settled issue.  Rolling blackouts and other interruptions were common in an era when energy production was dependent almost entirely on coal. Although strides have been made in the decades since, there are new concerns...

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