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Meesons – vXtream Data Centre



Read this case study from Meesons. It explores their work with a Private Cloud Managed Service Provider headquartered in London.

vXtream have seven global data centre locations, 20 years experience and are relied upon by global brands, creative professionals and businesses large and small.

The Requirements

To protect their client's hardware and data, vXtream operate a multi-layered approach to security with 24/7 onsite security, high-definition CCTV cameras and biometric security.

As a company committed to continuous improvement and risk management, vXtream identified a need for a further layer of security that could be added to their data hall. Having previous experience of Meesons high product quality and services, vXtream chose Meesons to provide entrance security to the data hall.

The new security layer was required to prevent unauthorised people from tailgating into the data hall.

To further enhance the level of security the entrance control needed to integrate with vXtream's new biometric solution, to enable fingerprint recognition entry.

In addition, the data hall space needed to be preserved to enable further expansion to take place, in line with vXtream's planned growth.

The Solution

Meesons proposed a Security Portal that is a semi-circular interlock with automatic sliding doors and a small footprint. It was also proposed that the level of security could be further enhanced by use of a 2-zone pressure mat. This would provide a second level of verification, preventing tailgating by ensuring only one person is present within the portal at any one time. This also prevented any hardware from being removed from the secure zone.

The Outcome

The Security Portal was delivered in a kit format and assembled on-site by Meeson's technicians. This helped to avoid any building access issues during the installation.

In conclusion, Meeson's work installing the Security Portal for vXtream has proven to be an effective solution. It has created a secure line to the data hall, preventing unauthorised access and tailgating attempts.

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Published 1st February 2022