Aermec Case Study – Data Centre Shaves £200K Per Year Off Energy Bill

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Aermec Case Study – Data Centre Shaves £200K Per Year Off Energy Bill


When it comes to data centre cooling, Aermec are the experts. Reliable cooling is an essential part of the infrastructure. When an IT company in the heart of the London wanted to update its cooling requirements at one of its mission critical sites, Aermec rose to the challenge by developing a solution that took advantage of the latest compressor technologies that reduced their carbon footprint and boosted EER ratings whilst delivering a £200K per year reduction in energy bills.

How did we do it? By analysing the customer’s existing cooling, it became apparent that the aged chillers were not capable of delivering the energy efficiencies required and the criticality of the site also required fast re-start. Standard chillers would not be able to meet the exacting requirements, deliver the required energy savings or address the company’s environmental objectives.


Aermec - Limited access in data centre required a bespoke solution imageThe solution was a bespoke cooling strategy that took advantage of technological advances which would improve the data centre’s overall efficiency, boost EER ratings, and reduce emissions, but the investment would also offer an attractive ROI.

Legacy systems can present unique challenges and require innovative but customised solutions which not all manufacturers are capable of supplying.

Aermec used four equally sized 1.1MW chillers using the latest multi-Turbocor oil free compressor technology, and an off load and duty assist configuration would ensure the best possible energy savings.

Each chiller achieved on average between 6.68 and 7.43 EER under normal use and savings calculated showed a £67K saving on a single chiller and £200K per annum collectively during sequenced deployment at contracted cooling load, compared to the previous chillers.


The installation and commissioning in a ‘live’ data centre was carried out smoothly with Aermec ensuring that the replacement did not impact the client’s customers and was completed in an 11-month period.

Read more about this project and the outcome by reading the full case study available via the link found further down this page.

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Published 16th February 2022