Optimising Data Centre Operations

Apr 17, 2014

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Data Centres provide the basis for the delivery of new services and applications;  it’s a crucial component of most modern organizations.  But bringing new services up quickly can rack up business costs.   To counter this, data centre operations optimisation projects are undertaken to streamline existing IT procedures, reduce operational costs and increase productivity. Automation is Key: Using DCIM to automate and streamline time-consuming processes can help optimise data centre operations and reduce expenses.   DCIM solutions provide functionality that automatically discovers, populates, and stores asset information supporting the new services, saving personnel the time previously spent manually updating excel spreadsheets. Model libraries, containing detailed specifications, save personnel time in locating and entering information while ensuring completeness and consistency of the asset information.   Automation of workflow processes, the communication of information, and the auto-approval for adds, moves, and changes of data centre assets, reduce the time needed to process orders and bring services online. Faster Troubleshooting:  Additionally, the implementation of troubleshooting tools that quickly locate assets in trouble help to reduce the time that technicians need to restore servers and keep your services running – thereby keeping your operations costs down and helping to optimize your Data Centre.  DCIM solutions often contain visualisation and mapping tools that enable the user to search for the trouble spot, find all the associated connections and provide the information needed for the technician to use to bring the server back up. No longer will technicians need to visit the data centre and hunt and peck for the server or connection in trouble- saving you money while increasing your technician productivity. Real-Time Monitoring:  Equipping your data centre and keeping it running efficiently in order to offer new services requires constant monitoring.   New servers require additional power and cooling.  DCIM solutions provide standard and customized reporting capabilities that allow you to tell you how much power you are using, how much is available and where you can improve data centre energy efficiency.   The remote monitoring of alerts and alarms provide an easy way to identify hot spots and facilitate changes to ensure optimization of data centre cooling and power usage. In closing, optimising data centre operations generally requires simplifying processes in order to reduce operational expenses. Undertaking projects that lead to automation, implementation of new processes, and the ongoing review of your data centre energy efficiency are just a few ways to move towards well-oiled data centre operations.  DCIM tools support those projects by enabling faster deployment of new services, and keeping those services up and running. Guest blog post by Paula Alves, Raritan Inc.   Read more about DCIM and how it can help you in your Data Center Management – download our eBook DCIM Demystified. http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/raritan/pzRW/~4/g6iPI_ZIbGQArtikel anzeigen…