Guest blog by Meesons: “Elvis has entered the building…But was he alone?”

Dec 19, 2012

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Knowing who has entered your premises is of vital importance, you may think you have this covered with your traditional fob or card access control system, however, this can sometimes only provide part of your company’s entrance security. 

Cards can be lost or stolen, even biometric systems cannot prevent the passage of unauthorised personnel, either forced or accidental behind an authorised user; a practice otherwise known as tailgating.

When security matters you need to know exactly who is in your building and that they are authorised to be there. Jeremy Terry from anti tailgating specialists Meesons explains “Tailgating puts at risk not only company assets but employees too. This can take many forms, from a disgruntled ex-employee to an opportunist seeking to profit by thieving from the premises or worse.”

So how do you prevent tailgating at the point of entry before security is breached?

There are a range of solutions to help stop tailgating in the market from the very secure; such as SMACS– an intelligent solution which enhances your existing security systems with additional sensor based recognition and bio-visual body mass analysis. This ensures that only one person is allowed through an access point.  This system is incredibly flexible and comes in various forms, operating on a single access door and also in an airlock situation.  It can be used for a material only transit, particularly useful in ‘goods in’ departments, as well as allowing the single transit of people or people with luggage whilst still detecting the presence of an unauthorised user.  The system is discreet and can be retrofitted with minimal construction work.

Another solution is the Security Portal or ‘Man Trap’.  This tube shaped portal uses volumetric measurements to detect a tailgating attempt, refusing access to the secure side if such an attempt occurs. It can be paired with your existing access control to ensure only those authorised can enter your secure building.  The security portals supplied by Meesons can be mounted flush to the floor which means minimal damage to the floor of your entrance; other portals on the market require a recess being excavated for the portal to sit in. They are also class four rated providing the highest level of security.

Security portals from Meesons can be customised to meet the interior or exterior aesthetics of any building and additional options ensure your security portal is truly bespoke to your needs. 

Lower cost options are turnstiles, which can be integrated with your existing access control system. They range from the basic 3 bar tripod style to the slick look of the EASYGATES or Speed Lanes. Each can be customised to blend into your interior and offer added security.

Security solutions have moved on a long way since the first access control systems were installed and with new technology you now have no excuse for poor access control especially when protecting your customer’s data and your assets is so important. Solutions can be tailored to your requirements and are incredibly flexible so no matter what your situation, there is a solution that meets your needs.

Increased security and access control can also help data centres attract new customers.  The benefit of knowing exactly who is in the building and ensuring restricted areas remain open to only authorised personnel mean you can confidently market your service to potential customers as truly secure. So it pays to invest in a system that truly protects your facilities, not only from a cyber-attack but also from the physical threat of unauthorised access.