Green Regulation Affecting Data Centre Energy Policy

Nov 19, 2012

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Even as the UK government is pressing hard to advance cloud computing, data centres and collocation throughout the Kingdom, they are simultaneously making things more difficult through more restrictive green regulation. Data centre owners and operators are crumbling under the weight of carbon emission restrictions, rising energy costs, and an IT industry growing more complex by the day. Yet all the datacentre news is not bad. For example, Enlogic has just launched a new series of energy metering power distribution units (PDUs) designed to make data centre racks more energy-efficient.  Enlogic is a PDU specialist offering power solutions and environmental management solutions. According to company officials Enlogic's new PDU systems are able to actively and continually monitor the energy flow of racks, paying attention to anything that could cause service disruptions or overload conditions. The units are also constantly feeding data to an IT staff so they can make correct decisions. All the information makes it easier to plan power needs more efficiently, prevent downtime, and make better use of energy resources all across the board. Enlogic began to design and build their PDUs more than 18 months ago. Since then they have made major investments in R&D in order to solve the energy problems of its customers while keeping up with regulatory change. Enlogic VP Paul Inett said that “directives such as the UK Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and European Union Energy-Using Product (EuP) are increasing the pressure on data centre personnel to rapidly reduce the energy used and carbon produced by the company’s IT facilities.” He went on to say that proper energy management must begin at the rack level in order to be effective in the long run. IT managers choosing intelligent PDUs are better positioned to cut their energy consumption while still meeting growth goals. Green Enough While very few in the IT industry would argue against the need to be more energy-efficient, one must wonder when data centres will be green enough. No matter how much carbon-reducing regulation is introduced it won't change the fact that living in a digital age requires a tremendous amount of energy humanity has never consumed before. It has to be produced somehow. Enlogic is in a very good position as long as they are able to continue making intelligent power distribution units able to help data centres keep up with regulations. For them, business should be good for a long time to come. At the same time, more efficient use of energy resources will be good for all of the UK; regardless of whether individuals are directly affected by it or not. If the company's new line of PDUs delivers as advertised you can bet they will be well received by data centre and collocation facilities all over Europe. And though the company is not even two years old it is poised to have a fairly significant impact on the entire data centre industry.