Apple: 93% of Company Facilities Run on Renewable Energy

Mar 30, 2016 | 0 comments

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US-based Apple Inc. has long maintained its intentions to eventually power all of its facilities with renewable energy. A recent announcement made at the company's ‘Loop You In' event demonstrates they are closer to that goal than ever before. According to Apple officials, 93% of the company’s facilities now run on renewables. Apple has been aggressively pursuing a renewable-only strategy since 2014. Should it reach its goal – and there is no reason it should not – every Apple retail store, manufacturing facility and data centre will be a green energy facility with no use for fossil fuels or other traditional energy sources. “The transition to a new green economy requires innovation, ambition and purpose,” CEO Tim Cook said in an official statement. “We believe passionately in leaving the world better than we found it and hope that many other suppliers, partners and other companies join us in this important effort.”

Lisa Jackson, Apple Vice President of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, made the announcement at the company's recent event. She echoed Cook in outlining the company's commitment to green energy in the future. Jackson says the company estimates that its efforts toward renewable energies will result in 20 million metric tonnes of greenhouse gases being kept out of the environment.

Going Beyond Green Energy

We would expect a company like Apple to investigate renewable energy options for new manufacturing and data centre infrastructure. If nothing else, renewables offer an opportunity to disconnect from fossil fuels and perhaps the entire grid in the future however Apple is going above and beyond just green energy. Along with the announcement about its renewable energy goals, the company also outlined a new recycling programme based on a robot named Liam. Liam was developed as a means of making the recycling of old iPhones more efficient. Apple determined that automation was the key, designing a robot that can disassemble phones at a rate of 1.2 million every year. Those components that can be recycled and reclaimed are harnessed for such purposes while the little that remains of a disassembled phone that is of no use is discarded.

Applying automation to recycling now makes breaking down old iPhones for reclamation profitable rather than just a good thing to do for the environment. Once again, Apple's innovation will set the standard that motivates other equipment manufacturers to do likewise.

The Apple Data Centre

Apple says that it has reached the goal of 100% renewable energy use in 23 of the countries where it operates. Now the company is setting its sights on data centre facilities that have not yet been converted. The power and cooling needs of data centres are responsible for an increasing share of energy consumption around the world. Shifting to a green energy strategy will ease the burden facilities place on the grid while also paving the way for future renewable energy development. Whether you like Apple products or not, you cannot argue with the company’s commitment to renewable energy. No other company has achieved the same results… yet! Source:  ESI-Africa –


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