2bm design and build a data centre for ARM in US

Nov 13, 2014

Datacentres for better security

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Data centre design and build specialists 2bm have recently received some great news.  One of their most recent and challenging contracts has been nominated for three separate awards in the Datacenter Dynamics North American Awards 2014. 1.    Special Assignment Team of the Year 2.    Innovation in the Medium Data Centre 3.    The Green Data Centre   The project was carried out for ARM, who were looking for an experienced and qualified team to provide them with a customised data centre solution that aligned with their ethos of innovation, efficiency and sustainability (as per EUHPC) in Austin, Texas. Despite never working with ARM in the US before, 2bm has worked alongside them on a facility in Cambridge, UK.  This project was, therefore, intended to serve as a high level model for Austin. Project Summary: ·        ARM required a 2.0 MW High Performance Cluster (HPC) data centre ·        950 kW operational Jan 2014 + 950 kW on-demand March 2014 ·        N+1, Tier III, PUE 1.30 or below ·        Conforms to TIA-942, AIA, EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres, NFPA, ASHRAE, & Local Codes   Senior Project Manager Gordon Smith represented 2bm, working closely alongside Digital Realty. This time the task was to deliver multiple, innovative energy saving features within a single facility.   The system was designed to efficiently handle varying IT loads up to 22kW per cabinet, with the flexibility to dynamically control cooling and adjust to low loads per cabinet. Innovation features of the project included high density, water cooled racks, using high supply water temperature (75°F).  The temperature of each cabinet (81°F) is tightly controlled  and Water to RDHx loops, supplied via a Venturi negative pressure system, provide full leak prevention to data halls. In addition, the energy consumption was fully optimised with zero water consumption. The project represented a series of ‘first times’ for 2bm and a number of the partnering companies. For example, this was the first time 2bm had worked alongside Digital Realty, and then the first time 2bm and ARM had worked together on a project in the US.

“We had an immediate need for a high efficiency, high density data centre. But, more importantly, we have a long-term need for a partner who can potentially help us with our go forward data centre strategy.” — John Goodenough, Vice President of Design Technology and Automation at ARM Holdings “The facility is an exceptional example of an energy efficient data centre with every aspect meeting and in some cases surpassing the requirements of the EU code of conduct for data centres. We believe that the design of the ARM NAHPC data centre fully embraces and surpasses the sustainability credentials required for commercial buildings with the city of Austin.” — CEEDA Recognition The full list of finalists in all judging categories can be found hereand the winners will be announced early next month. 2bm is proud of what has been accomplished and excited about the potential to do this again globally.   To read more about the project – including design highlights – click here.

Guest blog by Ashleigh Soppet, Digital Marketing Manager, 2bm