In short, we are not an agency just sending you a spark, a tester, or an AP, we are a Consultancy offering you a full-service workforce solution. We have a team dedicated and experienced in making sure all our Contractors are effective and productive, from the moment...

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Green Building Design

Our Approach As the internet has expanded into every part of our life, the need for data centres to support this has also expanded. With such an important role, it is vital that data centres remain operational under all circumstances with outages avoided wherever...

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Lloyds Banking Group

We're part of an ever-changing industry and are currently on a journey to shape the financial services of the future, whilst supporting our customers’ changing needs.

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Omnileak UK Ltd

Omnileak UK are the exclusive distributor for the Omnileak product range in UK & Ireland. We offer a range of digital liquid leak detection systems for datacentres and other sectors.

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Matrix Group

At Matrix Group we’re connecting the future for data centres through the design, build, operation and ownership of utility infrastructure. Our specialist capabilities working on high voltage (HV) and extra high voltage (EHV) networks make us the ideal energy partner...

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